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TSAGW Support Services

Chapter Helpline - A one-on-one conversation with a trained and compassionate TSAGW volunteer or staff member who can answer questions, offer guidance, discuss services, and provide referrals to those dealing with TS-related issues.

Chapter Meetings - Held several times each year, these meetings feature TS medical updates, panel discussions, and special speakers, as well as social events and networking opportunities for children and adults.

Presentations - Provided upon request. Trained volunteers will educate teachers/schools, professionals, companies and community groups on the symptoms of TS and associated disorders. The volunteers well also suggest possible accommodations, modifications, and teaching strategies. Peer presentations for students are also offered.

504 and IEP Meetings - Help parents and educators to understand student needs and develop appropriate educational accommodations and support.

Buddy System - When requested, pairs children, adults, or parents in a similar situation, location, and age group for support and friendship.

Referrals - Names and contact information for physicians, allied health professionals, lawyers, education advocates, parent training centers, organization teaching social skills, associated disorder foundations, and more, are provided upon request.

Literature and Professional Services - A wide variety of pamphlets, reprints, and other publications are available. Diagnostic tools, treatment guides, and research materials are also available to medical professionals.

Chapter Newsletter and Website - Our monthly e-newsletter features: pertinent articles written by chapter members, educators, employers, and medical professionals; important medical resources; a calendar of events; and more. Our website offers links to TS-related Internet sites as well as up-to-date chapter information, publications list, and research material.

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